Alvaro Noboa: A Helping Hand

Behind the biggest employer of Ecuador and the Leader of one of the most important Political Parties of the Country, there is a visionary who has worked for more than 30 years for those in need.

How does Alvaro Noboa Help?

Find out more about an organization that has been helping Ecuadorians by providing them with resources for health and self-improvement for more than 30 years, leaded by Alvaro Noboa.

The Health Plan

For more than 30 years, one of the two biggest projects Alvaro Noboa has taken into full effect in the country is the Health Plan.

The Banana Plan

Alvaro Noboa encourages the awareness of how important nutrition is. Find out more about The Banana Plan.

The Crusade For A New Humanity Foundation

Visit the Official Site of The Crusade For a New Humanity Foundation, the organization Alvaro Noboa has leaded for more than 30 years in order to assist people in need.

Over 33 years of charitable work

Published On El Universo Newspaper

Álvaro Noboa gave a wheelchair to Katherine Valdez.

Despite the cataracts that cloud his vision and prevent him from clearly see what’s
going on around him, Vicente Jurado, 76, continues manufacturing and repairing

“I am blind and work alone, what little I sell helps me survive,” said Jurado, who
for three decades has managed his business on the corner of Babahoyo and Camilo

Two years ago his business was about to collapse, he had no money to buy replacement
parts. The Crusade for a New Humanity Foundation, whose staff visits popular areas
and grants credits to those in need, noticed Jurado’s situation.

With this “divine help,” as he refers to the loan, Jurado kept his business. “I didn’t
know what to do, I considered closing, but thanks to the Foundation and my effort I
succeeded,” he said, adding that he now hopes the Crusade for a New Humanity can
help him organize an eye operation.

The Crusade for a New Humanity, created on November 21, 1977, by Alvaro Noboa,
began its work with the implementation of neighborhood libraries in areas like north
Guasmo, south and central Fertisa, Flor de Bastion, Malvinas, among other areas, in
order to offer the community a tool to strengthen the resident’s academic knowledge.

Furthermore, the guides – who visit these areas every 15 days – assemble help groups
for young people to occupy them in productive activities such as craft classes.

Another service offered by the Foundation is the Medical Brigades, which up until last
week attended 7614 people in different parts of the country. Among them, La Chala,
where last Friday 200 people took part and three wheelchairs were handed out.

Among the beneficiaries was Katherine Valdez, 17, who was disabled two years ago by
a stray bullet.

To move around, the child borrowed a wheelchair from her neighbor in Durán. “I am
happy because I can finally move on my own,” said Valdez, who will next year resume
the studies she had to abandon when the accident occurred.

The Crusade for a New Humanity keeps track of patients with medical illness such as
cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure, at Malecon 512 and Tomas Martinez.

Part of the funds of the charitable organization come from the German organization
Hilfe Guayas-Ecuador from Hamburg. In 1999 they began the Banana Plan, which
provides bananas, pineapples, and other foods to children and elders in communal
kitchens. For more information call 233-0638 and 230-7276.

Vicente Jurado received a credit for his wheelchair
business, located in Babahoyo and Camilo Destruge.

Alvaro Noboa Works Together With The Volunteers of His Foundation

Having received chairs and help from the Crusade for a New Humanity and Alvaro
Noboa’s Medical Brigades, these are reasons for happiness. Let’s thank God who
supplies everything.

It’s been 30 years with the Crusade for a New Humanity and I was the first to give
thanks to God for so many blessings that I had been given until that point in my
life, hat was in the late 70’s, early 80’s; and second, because I realized that the best
mission I could have in life was to help mankind. How to help mankind? Help through
educational programs. At that time we created community libraries so children who
had no books to study could go to the library and study. Often they had no money to
buy books or notebooks. Later this education program transformed itself into programs
using the computer, given that nowadays the PC is the most commonly used tool for
studies and work.

So we began delivering computers; after that we began working in the area of
healthcare. That was before there were medical hospitals with any kind of institutions,
such as mobile hospitals. We began the medical brigades that bear my name back in the
90’s. These medical brigades have treated hundreds, hundreds of thousands of people,
providing doctors and medicine.

You see there, this is one of the medical brigades, one of the mobile medical clinics, and
there Mrs. Alban has worked many years with us, providing free medicine. Here we see
doctors giving prescriptions and treating patients.

How much has been invested?

Oh, how you invest, and this too I would like to clarify, unfortunately they’ve always
tried to damage my image, they’ve always said that this is done to get votes for my
political campaign. I was not in a campaign when I started in the 70’s or 80’s and I am
not campaigning now. Yet I continue to serve the poor. I am responding to emergencies,
this is the third area where we are serving. For example, come along with us, we have
delivered wheelchairs to several people who have walking difficulties and require a
wheelchair, obviously the lady over there has yet to receive her own, we already said we
will deliver it next week.

Now, here comes this lady who needs help, and in that way people go to my office at
101 El Oro. Sometimes I attend them in medical brigades as today; sometimes they go
to my office and through people working in the Crusade for a New Humanity. Please
come, Mariano is here, Mariano is the general coordinator of the Crusade, and they have
worked together with me for over 30 years.

They bring me cases of people waiting downstairs in the office, they make sure that
these people are brought to clinics, are taken to hospitals, sometimes they need this or
that solution, they offer solutions in God’s name and on behalf of the Crusade for a New

Also, as unemployment is one of the biggest problems in our society we have financed
small businesses. We establish groceries, bakeries, chicken farms, and pig breeding
centers, to sum up, anything that can form a business. We provide a loan, with it they
develop the business; we even financed a hardware store.

Now, in the religious aspect, what is it that we seek on the spiritual plane? We want
human beings to unite and to work together in groups of togetherness, that’s how we
call it in the Crusade, linking groups to work together, imitating Christ who worked
among communities, to work together to help each other. One person needs a job, the
other one is searching for work, another one is sick, the members visit him, one needs a
wheelchair and cannot go home, another member of the union goes to the Crusade and
tells Mariano, me, the guides, come see this man, he needs help.

This mutual assistance creates great bonds and militates against any support for
hatred, class struggle, things we are totally against. I also want to tell you that our
spirit makes our mission, our fight against ignorance, disease and spiritual poverty.
People sometimes feel desolate, without a true north. Respecting everyone’s religious
preference, we bring them closer to God or the Catholic priest, or head of the religion
they profess.

We also fight against hatred. Hatred is one of the terrible things that burden the human
being and the best solution for hate is love and forgiveness. So in all our actions we
look and attempt to make sure that our humanitarian principles, our spiritual principles,
are present.

It’s not only about help; it’s also about filling man with love, unity and improvement.

In terms of budget, how kind of budget is available?

What the pocket allows and what the companies can, sometimes we overspend because
desperate cases come to us. The woman who right now needs an operation: perhaps the
budget is not enough but we have to overspend because she will die if we do not. The
child with dysentery, there are times I have to give money from my pocket, not just
the companies that help or the volunteers, but from my own pocket and then solve the
problems as we have done before down at 101 El Oro. You can go to Molinera, any
day, and there is a line of people waiting for help.

The same thing happens here in the medical brigades that work all the time in different

I will introduce Dr.– , here, Dr. Jenny Arteaga, sends me, in order to make me happy,
she texts me saying “I am in Catarama, I’m in Ventanas, we have treated so many
patients. Tell them about the last few weeks so they are aware.” Dr. Jenny Arteaga, who
manages the medical brigades:

It is a great pleasure to get to all of Ecuador, that’s what he said before to the
lady. We have reached every town in Ecuador over all these years because
we’ve never stopped, not even for one week. When there is an emergency, when
there are volcanic eruptions, all three of them, we’ve been there. When there
has been flooding, we’ve been in Manabi and Los Rios. Wherever there is an
emergency. This is something additional to what we normally do. The aid that
Alvaro provides to the neediest people is impressive, meaning, only God can
stop it.

One mission is to fight poverty and misery; the only way is to help people with their
education, so that they have a typical profession, so that they can get a job. Poverty
leads to sins, crimes and wrongdoing, we must escape poverty.

The Crusade for a New Humanity means to people a chance to smile, to progress,
but what does the Crusade for a New Humanity means for you?
The same as for them: it is an opportunity to be happy and feel very close to God.


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